We pay out 14,400 VFC every 24 hours from this faucet.

Enter the Public Key to the VFC wallet that you would like rewards paid into below:

On a mobile device, at any time now or while playing the faucet game, go to Settings and select "Add to Home Screen". This way you can use the VF Cash Faucet like any other app on your mobile device. Also, this will allow the game to run in full-screen mode.

How to Play:

The general idea is Rock (Brown/Orange), Paper (White), Scissors (Red) where the Scissors component has been replaced with Fire.

You must guess where your opponent will be in the next round and which hand he will play, if you are within one grid space of the opponent you will automatically engage them in a battle of Rock, Paper, Fire.

Upon winning you will have a random chance of receiving 3 VFC, your odds are divided by the number of real players currently playing. There is by default one bot/npc added to the game at the beginning of each round. This means that if 3 people are playing the game you have a 1/3 chance of collecting 3 VFC for defeating a bot/npc opponent.

Every time you are defeated you must respawn, you can respawn anywhere on the game grid as long as you are within a 3 grid space distance of other players.

You will notice when you first play your sphere will be changing colour from Rock, Paper, Fire every second automatically; this is to assist mobile users and can be disabled by clicking the right mouse button just once allowing full manual play.

Controls Desktop:

Left Mouse Button - Place your move.
Right Mouse Button - Change attack.
Middle Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/out.
V - Change view, the first view is the play view and the other two are spectator views.

Controls Mobile:

Touch & Drag - Place your move.
Pinch - Change view.